Thursday, November 18, 2010

Maja Turns 2!

The week leading up to my youngest little girls birthday I had off of school because of a Swedish holiday called Alla Helgons Dag (All Saints).  I was able to spend time with both my girls; hanging out, watching TV, reading books and playing games.  This was probably the first time I wasn't at work for one of my girl's birthdays (assuming it didn't fall on a weekend).  It was a good feeling to spend time with my birthday girl, even if we didn't do anything too exciting.

Maja turned 2 on Tuesday the 9th of November, although we waited to celebrate until this past Sunday.  Of course, this just means she received nearly a week of tight squeezes and kisses and happy birthday messages from me all week. On Maja's actual birthday, we woke up to an incredible view.  Everything was covered in was beautiful.  We spent a good portion of time playing out in the snow!

This past Sunday we had family over to celebrate Maja turning 2 years old.  Unlike a celebration we would have likely had at home, I feel like the whole preparation part is much more relaxed here. No worrying about invitations or who to invite....because here, it's simple.  You have a simple smörgåstorta (literally translates to a sandwich cake), and tårta (cake), and your family and maybe a couple of close friends come over.

We had family over (all of whom live in the 2 houses next to our ours), and we had a smörgastårta made of bread, ham, tomatoes, eggs, mayo, shrimp and much more I'm sure.  I can't tell you if it's good or not, because I don't eat it....(but that's another blog).  My four year old and I made chocolate cupcakes with chocolate icing (a recipe from a Swedish friend), and my mother-in-law made an amazing rice crispy and merengue cake with a sort of vanilla custard filling, and kiwi and whipped cream topping. YUM!!

The guests arrived, Maja opened a few gifts (an adorable top and cool rose printed pair of jeans, Hello Kitty (lego type) set. Maja also got some clay and one of those funny squeezable balloons - great for relieving the stress of having a two year old (I mean great for a 2 year old). Of course, this broke by the end of the night because my 4 year old stretched it too much.  Oh well!  Maja also received a fun keyboard, a doctors kit, a winter coat from grandma, some cash from her Gamla Farmor (Great Father's Mother) and Gamla Mormor (Great mother's mother).  Her favorite toy of the event- a toy baby stroller.  Two year old girls have this obsession with taking care of "babies".  It's adorable.

We ate dinner - the children and I had pizza instead of the sandwich cake.  Next we sang the Swedish version of happy birthday.  We chatted with my sister Lisa and my niece Ashley on sister was a little embarasses since she was in her PJ's when she called us (not knowing a party was going on).   We had a lot of fun singing "happy birthday" with my sister and niece on Skype.
Later we talked to Maja's grandma and grandpa. 

I owe my mother-in-law a ton of credit for helping out with everything. From cleaning and making the table just perfect for my little girl's birthday, she takes care of virtually everything! Many Thanks!

Thanks to ALL who helped make this a special day for Maja.


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