Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Is there a sign on my forehead?.......

Something's just been a little weird lately, and it's making me think I must have some type of marking on my forehead that says...I AM NOT FROM HERE!

On several occasions, around town, on the elevator, and laundry room etc., people just look at me and start speaking English to me.  It's really weird.  I mean, how do they know I don't speak swedish? How do they know I wasn't born and raised here in Sweden?

The first couple times it happened I didn't think all that much about it, but random people continually begin their conversations with me in English.  I don't have an answer as to why this is happening, but perhaps if you aren't blue-eyed and blond, people can just tell?  Or perhaps it's the way I dress, or carry myself, or maybe there is just a "she's not a Swede radar, (a swedar if you will). 

Does anyone know what the deal is?

Alright, that's been bugging me a little, so I thought I'd just throw it out there for some possible feedback?  Anyone experiencing a similar thing?

Until next time....



  1. I completely understand what you are saying. In fact, I have always had this experience. One reason could be because I am not blond with blue eyes. You know, here is not like the US or Canada that people are such mixed together that you can't recognize who is not from here. Another reason as you correctly pointed out is the way of dressing. They see it, they get it. There is special way of dressing they have. And who knows, maybe some kind of vibe, energy. They feel it I think.

  2. One American can sometimes blend in Europe, two or three together no chance. Think you said it, way we carry ourselves