Tuesday, June 7, 2011

I'm all shook up....

just 15 minutes ago I felt a rumbling in my bed, from what felt like a small earthquake.  I immediately searched the web to find my answer, did I just have a nighmare, is my parent's condo on shaky ground, or was there really in fact an earthquake on the very morning I'm set to return to Gothenburg?  You would think I would find my answer on the sites I went to including: The Weather Channel and all my local news sites....but alas, no answer could be found. So I hopped on Facebook, posted " just got woken up by what felt like a small earthquake, but nothing reported yet....weird."

...and then I received my answer within seconds, when I saw my younger sister who lives within 10 miles of me in St. Louis post:  " Am I crazy or was there a small earthquake around 310 am?"

So Facebook has either confirmed that there was in fact an earthquake, OR, both my sister and I are nuts!

Good night all!

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