Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Mwah, a Boxer?

Ok, Ok, so it was only a dream.  This one I felt was blog worthy, so here it goes.  It's from last night. 

Remember in the movie Inception, when everyone was moving thru different levels of their consciousness and people kept trying to kill them in different states?  That was cool, but it has nothing to do with my dream.

Can't remember so much of last night's dream but here's what I can remember.  I see a sign-up sheet for boxing lessons- actually, it's not to take boxing lessons, but rather to BECOME A BOXER.  Next thing I know, I'm joined by this dream by at least a room of 10 people. I look to my right and one of them is a childhood friend- Stacy, another is a friend Melanie, and the other is a girl from Ethiopia from my SFI class.  To be clear, these 3 girls ARE real people that I do know in REAL life.

But this part was funny, to me anyway.  Our coach was my ACTUAL cheerleading coach Ms. Lee from PCH, who had morphed into the character SUE from Glee! So I totally GLEEKED out in my dream, which I just find hilarious.

I'll just tell you right now, that we never got to the boxing part because of this next issue.  This coach...we'll just call her Sue Lee, told us ALL that we need to lose a good 15-25 pounds each as part of our training to become boxers.  I look down at myself (in my dream) and note that I only weight about a buck ten.  Nah, that's nonsense lady I think!  But then, I look over to the girl from Ethiopia named Meref and then I know coach Sue Lee is crazy because this girl (in real life and in my dream) is a 5"10, very lean, very fit, very tiny girl, maybe weighing about 115 lbs.  Did I mention she's training to be an Olympic runner? Well, she is. Yah, I don't think she needs to lose any weight. 

Then this coach tells us that we need to ONLY eat a stick of butter and meatballs everyday. Nothing else. WUH?   There was a 3rd item, but I just can't remember what it is right at this moment.  I thought, no chicken? She said no chicken.  Shit, I don't even eat meatballs, how am I going to stick to this crazy diet?  Then I argued with her. Because in my dream, and in real life, I'm not digging this Low Carb High Fat(LCHF) diet.  I'm into a whole lotta fish, poultry, whole grain pasta/rice, and green tea kind of thing.   I've been reading up on the Okinawan's in Japan who happen to be the longest living people in the world, so I've been adapting many of their healthy living tips.

This is where my dream cut off basically. I thought coach Sue Lee's diet plan for us was BS. 
So, I guess I won't ever be a boxer, not even in my dreams.

I'd like to know what you think of the High Fat Low Carb diet phenom.  Or, have a funny dream you want to share? Please leave your comments below.

Until next time..

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