Thursday, October 7, 2010

What's The Opposite of a Raw Deal?

my life right now!

this is not to brag, this is simply stating how my life is and feels right now.  I'm feeling lucky and time is definitely on my side. What I'm experiencing in my "new life in Sweden".

Living in a Foreign Country-Experiencing a new and different perspective on life. 

Learning a new Language - Challenging, but now, finally exciting.

Time to Read.  This week I've been simultaneously been reading "Commited" and "Marketing 2.0", along with studying my Swedish language books

Time to Read Emails- when I was working my 40 plus work weeks, I have to admit, I didn't have time, or perhaps I just didn't make the time to read my emails (fully). Now, I can relax, sip on some hot green tea and carefully peruse my incoming emails. Heck, I even have time to read thru newsletters I've signed up for in the past.

Time to Skype- catching up on Skype is one of my favorite pasttimes these days- granted the connection is good.

Time to Blog- A wonderful creative outlet, I highly recommend it!

Time to Design and Create Jewelry- Again, another wonderful creative outlet. I especially love creating name jewelry and message jewelry.  Sometimes I get people emailing me their stories about how they, or someone in their life needs hope, as they order one of my "Got Hope" necklaces.  Etsy is a wonderful outlet for handcrafters of all things from jewelry, to clothes, to the oddest of oddities.

Time to Travel- So far in the last few months I've made my way to several beautiful islands in Sweden,
visited Stockholm, London and Paris, and now I'm heading back to my hometown St. Louis for Thanksgiving.  I hope there is more traveling in my future! (blogs on my travels coming soon).

Time to Reflect- On life in general.

Time with my Children- I have to admit, I'm not the "stay-at-home" type. It just isn't me. However, after only taking 9 weeks maternity leave with my 2 girls (mostly because of guilt- an American guilt I'm told), I feel very lucky to have had so much time together with my girls over the last 4 plus months.  Admittedly, often I feel overwhelmed with the chaos of having 2 young girls running the house, however, I'm lucky to have that chaos.

Time with my Swedish Family- My awesome inlaws, nephew, cousins and great grandma's on my husband's side.  Such wonderful people.

Opportunity to Hang out With People From Different Countries/Cultures:  Through my Swedish Language Course, I have the opportunity to befriend people from countries including: Iraq (and that's a tough one being American), Philippines, Mexico, Thailand, Kosovo, Lithuania, Ethiopia, China, Vietnam, Canada and more.  I seriously doubt had I not been put in this situation, had any of us really become friendly.  Our conversations are comical at times (or should I say our attempts for conversation are comical).  Sometimes even the simplest questions can turn into a huge ordeal due to our language differences. 

The Opportunity to Miss Home- The old saying is sooo true: "distance makes the heart grow fonder"

Having Dinner On The Table- As soon as I walk in from my day at school, there is always food on the table. I mean this literally!  Table is usually set, some fresh chicken or salmon and some potatoes and vegetables have been lovingly prepared for me by my mother-in-law.  My husband and I are both so will we manage when we move out?


" Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it." - Ferris Bueller

Thanks for reading,

With all the negativity we are surrounded with, I'd love to hear what's good, no not good, but what is great in your life right now? Please leave your comments below.

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