Monday, October 11, 2010

Weekend Shopping With My Girls

This weekend I was on a mission to get my two little girls set up for their first "Swedish" Fall and Winter.

According to my sister,  back home in St. Louis they are experiencing record high's for October (in the upper 80's).  This weekend my sister and my niece went to the pumpkin patch wearing sandals, jeans and tank tops!  While here in the Göteborg area, I'm already wearing my new winter coat -  (Didriksons -Sophie model).

Ok, so while I'm missing out on some amazing weather back home, I'll still take any opportunity I can get to buy new clothes (whether the clothes are for me or my kids).  Saturday, my mother in law, me and my 4 year old Sophie headed out to Nordstan (largest shopping center in Gothenburg) to get Sophie and her little sister Maja new clothes. 

It feels like out of the blue, my 4 year old has outgrown all her clothes- incredible how fast they grow! 
We rounded out our trip with new winter coats for each girl, (both from a store called KappÅhl), a couple of cute Hello Kitty tunics from H&M, pink tights, a purple velour sweatsuit with little holes in the sleeves for your thumbs (which my 4 year old went GAGA over), some ridiculously expensive Gore-tex like winter boots from EuroSko (ranked Best In Test 2009), velour pants with elastic bottoms, new socks, and some pastel my little pony-esq fake hair braids for Sophie---I refused to buy this for her, but my mother in law bought it for her anyway.  My poor daughter was so worn out from all our shopping she fell asleep in the stroller we brought (just in case) and I ended up having to get her feet measured while she was sleeping and even brought up shoes from another level of the store, tried on and purchased her boots all while she was fast asleep.

We got everything home, tried the coat on my almost 2 year old- Maja, and of course...the coat was too big. So, yesterday (Sunday), me, my 2 year old, my mother and father in law piled into the family's red Saab and headed out to some place called "Kläder __________" something..I don't remember the name.  Basically, it's like a low-end warehouse of clothes and home goods, and to be perfectly honest, it just wasn't for wasn't for any of us.  I'd much rather pay more for something and have a good quality item, than to run the risk of it falling part and having to buy something new with better quality later on.

"Next store please", I begged of my in-laws, and they agreed.  We headed out finally to "Backaplan".  A kind of shopping center split up into different parts. Shops like H&M, Gina Tricot, Lindex, KappÅhl, MQ, and much more.  I found a little children's shop in "Backaplan 2" that offered Didriksons jackets at 100 Kr (about $14.00) less than any other store I've visited in Sweden thus far.  So, my youngest ended up with a nice purple Didrikson jacket, and I ended up buying a hot pink Didriksons jacket for my older daughter Sophie at a different store that carried her size.

After much research online about all the children's winter coats, and comparing their ("Best In Test" scores), I was very happy with my purchases. 

According to, here are the results from the 2010 BEST IN TEST/ Bäst I Test results:
*Please note- I have added in the approximate costs in dollars.

"Didriksons - Best in Test

The cheapest overall in the test costs 499 SEK(Approx $71.00), the most expensive nearly four times that. But the most expensive is not necessarily best.

Winners in this year's test is: Didriksons with 4.7 points out of a possible 5. After the follow Name It (4.5) and last year's test winner Coop (4.0). All three will cost between $70-$90 dollars.

In the mainstream, with total scores between 3.5 and 3.9, intermingled test's most expensive candidates Polar bear of Sweden (1895 SEK) (approx. $270.00), Reima (1695 SEK ($242.00) and the Dude and Pyret (1295 SEK), (approx $185.00) by far the cheapest overall HM (499 SEK) (approx $71.00)."

So now, the girls are all set, and of course, I've been shopping for myself since I arrived here basically, so I'm in pretty good shape for Fall and Winter now too....hopefully.

Shop till you drop!

Best In Test Overalls 2010
Best In Test -Overalls and Boots 2009

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